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Basic Pack

Off Campus Network Connection (VPN)

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a secure connection that allows your computer to access the University computer network, such as Library Resources, when you are not on campus or if you are using wireless connections on campus.

Additionally, The University VPN service (once the software is installed on your computer) allows you to establish a secure connection so that the data passed between your computer and the University network is protected, as it is strongly encrypted.

You can then be confident that your files, emails and passwords etc. cannot be inspected by anyone on other networks between yourself and the University.


Download the VPN software from here.


A short video walkthrough for Windows is available here.


Network Printers (Humanities)


Humanities Network Printers

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All Staff have access to a network printer to print free of charge. Access to these network printers is controlled by "permissions" which has been set by the schools.

Some are granted automatically whereas some require additional "permissions". Please select the appropriate printer based on location and model from the link below and if you find you do not have the rights to install the print queue please contact the service desk with details of the printer and its location. Once we have gained the necessary approval we will grant the permissions.

Humanities Network Printers


Note: You will need to install the iPrint client on your wireless device before you can install any print queues. Clicking on the required printer will prompt you to install the iPrint client - if not click here to download the client for your operating system.


Note: The Google Chrome browser is NOT compatible with the installation of the iPrint queues or the iPrint client.

My Manchester / MyView

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My Manchester is a personalised online space for staff, which provides easy access to Teaching & Research resources, Academic Profiles portlet as well as accessing your payslips via MyView.

Login is via your University username and password.

Click here to login to the MyManchester portal to access your personalised space.

To access your Payslips select "MyView Emploee Self Services" under the "About Me" tab.



Library Resources


Library Resources


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To help you with your studies or research, The University of Manchester Library provides staff and students access to books, e-books, e-journals and databases (UoM).

When connecting from off campus, or using wireless on campus, you will need to connect to the VPN Service as detiled in the "Off Campus Network Connection (VPN)" section above.

It is recommended you read this page before searching as some sites may require a "special username & password", not just your IT username & password.

Library Search

Electronic Journals (A-Z)

Ebooks (A-Z)

Databases (UoM) (A-Z)


IT Help & Support


IT Knowledgebase


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The "self service" IT Knowledgebase provides many self support articles to many common IT queries. Its very comprehensive and extremely useful that may provide a solution quicker than calling the IT Service Desk.

Access the Knowledgebase here and login with your university username and password.

If your questions cannot be answered please email or call our dedicated telephone support line, 0161 306 5544 (24 hours, 365 days a year*)

Walk-up Service Desks in The University of Manchester Library and Joule Library offer you face-to-face support.

*The Out of Hours Service Desk is operated by Northumbria University, in Newcastle upon Tyne, on behalf of the North-Eastern Metropolitan Area Network group (NorMAN). Details supplied during the course of managing requests will be stored by Northumbria University.  This information will be reported back to the University of Manchester Library and IT teams to offer further assistance in fulfilling requests, if required.



Security Pack

Sophos Antivirus


Sophos Anti-virus Software

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The University of Manchester provides Sophos anti-virus software for staff to use on their personal computers. Antivirus is only a truly effective defence for your computer when used in conjunction with a number of other methods of protection.

Download the Sophos Anti-virus software from here if you do not already have any anti-virus software installed.

REMEMBER: Never disclose your password to anyone, including IT. Never open email attachments or visit links to websites which:

1. you are not expecting
2. are from people you don't know
3. appear to be from legitimate people, but are asking for confidential information



Internet Pack

Wireless (Wifi) Connection


Wifi on Campus

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Most buildings on the University campus have one or more Wireless Access Points in them. Due to the size and age of many of the buildings on campus, the wireless service is often limited to key areas such as common rooms and meeting rooms. The signals will be braodcast as either "UoM_WIFI" or "The University of Manchester" so choose depending on which has a stronger signal.

Once you are connected, when you open your web browser, you will be redirected to a University login page, where you should follow the on-screen instructions to gain access to the service. You will need your IT account details to login.

Click here for more information about The University of Manchester Wireless and how to connect.








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A secure world-wide roaming access service that allows you to connect to the internet on campus and also when visiting other participating Higher Education insitutes.

Click here for more information about Eduroam and instructions on how to configure Eduroam on your computer or device.






Software Pack

Software Applications


Software Search

ESD Site

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Most of the software applications staff will need will already be on your staff PC. However, you may find that you need to download and install additional software on your personal computer.

The Applications Software website contains a large amount of useful information about the software that is available to you from the University.

The Electronic Software Delivery System is a web-based software delivery service. From this site you can download, free of charge, site-licensed software to which you are entitled. You must uninstall software you obtained from the University when you leave the University.


Microsoft Products: The University has a Campus licence for certain Microsoft software including Windows and Office. As an additional benefit of this licence, University staff have a ‘work at home’ software option which allows you to install a single copy of the software on a personally-owned desktop or laptop (but not both) for work-related purposes.

Please see this article for more information.


Extended Pack

Access P Drive & Shared Drive Off Campus


Shared Drive Off-Campus

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P Drive Access off campus:

How to access your P drive (Personal Storage Space) via: Web, Windows, OSX, IOS or Linux


Shared Area Access off campus:

To access your Network Shared Area from Off Campus you will need to already have permissions to it and know the full location of your network shared area. You will also need to connect the VPN service too.

The article here shows you how to find the path of the shared area. IMPORTANT: This must be done on a computer with the drive already mapped, usually your University imaged computer.

How to access your Shared Area drive via: Web, Windows, OSX, IOS or Linux (Replace the P drive server path, in the instructions with the Shared area server path).




IT Knowledgebase FAQ's


IT Knowledgebase

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Below are the IT Services Knowledgebase articles you may find useful when working on your personal computer on or off campus:

How to access Staff & PGR Exchange Emails on your Mobile Phone, Web, Other Email Programs

How to access your P drive (Personal Storage Space) via: Web, Windows, OSX, IOS or Linux

Recover files from P drive (Personal Storage Space) (On Campus - on Staff or Cluster imaged PC’s only)

Academic Profiles FAQ

VPN Connection issues - Search the IT Knowledgebase for common problems (Support for VPN is limited to providing the installation files)